What is A Barrister?

A Barrister is someone who is legally qualified. They often specialise in specific areas in which they advise and represent their clients in the various courts.

In their particular areas they will advise on the merits of pursing claims. They can represent clients in mediation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) which, in turn may often save the costs of going to trial.

Some Barristers, like me, can be instructed without the need to first instruct a solicitor. I will often offer a fixed fee for a piece of work for example, an Opinion on the merits of a case and/or preparing a matter for trial and then conducting the advocacy at tribunal or in the courts.

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What can I advise on?

One example. I advise on claims for reasonable financial provision for a member of the deceased’s family. These members can be the widow/widower, cohabitee, adult children of the deceased.

While each case depends on its particular facts, in the case of children they may be able to bring a claim if they are infants; disabled adult children; or adult children.

The court will consider: the financial resources and financial needs which the applicant has/may have; the financial resources and financial needs of any other applicant now or in the future; the financial resources and financial needs of any other beneficiary; obligations which the deceased had towards the applicant or any beneficiary; the size and nature of the net estate; any physical/mental disability of the applicant or any beneficiary and any other matter.

There are also procedural matters such as time limits for starting a claim.

Alana Graham is a Private Client Lawyer at AlanaGraham.co.uk

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