Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) enables investors to acquire ordinary shares in qualifying businesses which reduces the risk of financial loss on those investments to 13p for each £1 invested.

How can investors reduce their financial risk when investing in new and expanding businesses?

Benefits under SEIS

  • 50% Tax relief on an investment in shares of a qualifying company .

  • Capital Gains tax free when shares are sold or gifted.

  • 10% Tax relief on an investors capital gains tax liabilities (14% on capital gains from residential property)

  • If the company fails then the investor can obtain further income tax relief at the investor’s top tax rate.

  • Shares fall outside the investor’s estate for inheritance tax purposes.

  • HMRC give Advance SEIS and EIS assurances.

These benefits are covered by Anthony Rose CEO of Seedlegals in his video.

Interested in investing?

App for Answers Ltd are now issuing shares under SEIS and EIS as part of their funding round and details on the Seedlegals website

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